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 Review of Twister @ Knoebels
0 Rating Posted by: forwardbia on 5/21/2008 9:57:00 AM
Once you leave the station, you whip around to the first chainlift. A drop and some high bank turns, then that is just the warmup. You go up a 2nd chainlift for the real drop. My first ride, I was sitting in the front. I remember someone behind me saying why did they ever get the idea to get on the ride once we neared the top of the lift. At the top, there is a slight decline, and a curved turn which leads to the drop, which as you go around you accelerate and then plummet down the drop, into the wild twisting, turning track, at 50+ MPH, but have seen some reports of it hitting 60. There are head choppers and lateral Gs. Both times at Knobels, I have been on this 2-3 times each visit. Great coaster, with lots of surprizes, all the twisting and turning, you dont know where you will be going around the next bend. When I go up again, besides trying the new Flying Turns ride, Ill be hitting Twister again several times. And with my new HD camcorder, I am recording it to make my mom sick when I play the video. (She wont go on any coasters) lol
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