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 Review of Mystery Mine @ Dollywood
0 Rating Posted by: biosciking on 5/18/2008 5:01:00 AM
Mystery Mine was a very unique and original coaster (to me anyway, as this is as of now my only Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter experience). The ride sort of moved in fits and starts, so Im interested to see how this type of coaster holds up out in the open without any theming. However, with the theming and indoor / outdoor components added in this one worked really well. To be honest, I couldnt follow the whole crow / canary storyline thing, but the rest of the mine theming was very nice. The first half of the ride (the straight-down drop and all of the curves and dips that took place behind the Mystery Mine buiding) were certainly fun, but this portion was definitely somewhat head-banging. It was the second half that really won me over. The long vertical climb up the mine shaft was a little unnerving, and the cool effects they had projecting on the cieling added to the brilliance. Another great effect met us at the top (lets just say it involved fire), and then the coaster car was sent down a wonderful drop that led back outside into an amazing barrel roll and dive loop. These were executed perfectly - back to back, smooth and swift, with great hangtime. I cant say that Mystery Mine was better than Thunderhead or Tennessee Tornado, but it was equally as good, and therefore a real winner for Dollywood.
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