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 Review of Maliboomer @ California Adventure
0 Rating Posted by: Steve NY on 5/10/2008 9:43:00 AM
Wow, Disney tried adding yet another pretty thrilling ride, but like I said, they "tried". I for one actually think that Disney themed this pretty well and it really provokes many memories as a kid trying to showcase my skills on the Coney boardwalk. Also, this thing didnt have a wait at all! I will say it strongly, I HATE THOSE (EXPLETIVE) SCREAM SHIELDS! They certainly detracted from my exprience and just were extremely annoying. The views during the ride of the entire resort is incredible though, but this in reality is a pretty weak tower. The launch has very little speed, but there actually is some air at the top. Still, a weak launch combined with those scream shields weakens this ride to a pretty mediocre tower.
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