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 Review of The Simpsons Ride @ Universal Studios Florida
2 Rating Posted by: erinys on 5/6/2008 9:36:00 AM
Rode this a couple times since it was fun, although it was during Technical Rehearsals and not all of the effects may have been working. The building is extensively themed. In addition to the giant Krusty head you walk into to get on the ride, there are numerous televisions throughout the queue, showing clips from the show (many relating to amusement parks) along with a few new clips related to the ride. The queues are set up to eventually run an Express Pass queue, but at this time they were only doing the standard one. The ride is built on 3 levels, with multiple simulator rooms on each level. Never made it to the 3rd level, so there may be slight differences in theming there, but on the first two levels once you get inside the pre-ride staging area, in which you are divided into about 8 lines, there are more monitors showing different Simpsons characters in different settings or park booths, each talking in turns in a way that is appropriate to them and their type of humor - I mostly remember Apu, Marges sisters, and Hans Moleman. Maybe Moe. Inside the ride chamber, the cars hold 8 people, 4 in the front and 4 in the back. Hope that you get directed to an odd number in the holding station so you get in the front row - second row isnt awful, just not as good. Throughout the building and ride there are lots of mocking references to existing famous rides and theme parks. The motion on the ride itself is excellent, falling straight down a couple times really felt like falling down. There are simulations of riding a coaster, floating in water, being dragged around a Shamu tank, and falling straight into hell (but no heat with it - that was disappointing). For all the time you are in water, there should have been more water effects, but perhaps perfecting that is part of technical rehearsals. The one portion that uses smell and water worked every time. Some characters, notably Mr. Burns, were missing. Overall, it was fun and made people laugh. Hard to decide between a 7 and an 8, but since 7 is practically a mediocre rating on the site, rounding up to an 8.

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nyeboy9 on 5/6/2008 11:40:34 PM said:
Nice review. The heat element you mentioned could be a possible effect added on later. At least I could only hope so. It still sounds like a nice ride though.
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