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 Review of Skyhawk @ Cedar Point
0 Rating Posted by: PhantomNik on 3/5/2008 6:02:00 PM
Its huge, its fast, its.....a disappointment? Well no, not really, but I must admit that Skyhawk, while being a great flat ride, left me wanting more. This screamin swing towers back in the parks Frontier Town section, and it looks stunning in its vibrant hues and massive structure. This, my friends, is a swing set on steroids! The crews load this one up pretty well, although I have seen ones do slightly better with this type of ride. As the ride starts up, you begin to feel (and hear) the power that it possesses. The massive air tanks fuel this puppy, and as the swings get higher and higher, the sensations are incredible as you float more than 100 feet in the air. The speed is amazing and once you reach maximum swing, the airtime is really sweet. However, for as fun as this ride is (and it is a blast, no doubt), it misses out on becoming an elite-class flat ride thanks to its one flaw - the ride cycle. I just dont understand why Skyhawk teases riders with a mere one full swing in each direction. Perhaps Im spoiled by my home parks version, which offers up 4-6, and sometimes more, maximum swings routinely. If SwingShot can do it, then why cant Skyhawk? Anyway, although it loses a couple points, make no mistake that Skyhawk is a great addition that is better than many flat rides you find in parks today. This giant swing swoops riders through stellar sensations at a great speed, and delivers a ride that is loads of fun each time! The cycle ends quicker than Id like, but it still gets several rides from me on a visit. Overall, Skyhawk is a very good screamin swing that is worthy of a thumbs up from me.

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psu_dude on 4/1/2008 11:56:50 AM said:
Great job as usual on the review, and I have to agree that Kennywoods screamin swing just destroys Skyhawk. I mean, Skyhawk is still fun and all, but I wonder if they could change the program or whatever to allow for more maximum swings?
PhantomNik on 4/15/2008 4:27:30 PM said:
Thats a good question, but I think the program is preset and not adjustable, unlike a top spin type of ride. Its a shame too, because with that height and speed, this thing would kick some tail if it dished out like 2-3 swings in each direction at maximum height. My guess is that the cycle it has is what can be done with that size of air tank.
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