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 Review of Raptor @ Cedar Point
2 Rating Posted by: shag9004 on 2/17/2008 8:03:00 PM
Date Ridden: June of 2006 and 2007. Also October of 2007. Times Ridden: 10 total Writing this Raptor review gives me a chance to look back with a great deal of nostalgia to my first ever visit to the Coaster Capitol back in 2006. I knew nothing about coasters and was amazed when my buddy drug me past this ride to go get on Millennium Force during ERT. I thought he was crazy as I watched people yelling and screaming out over the midway riding this big green ride. He assured me we would ride it later and Im glad he took me to Mille first. That was, undeniably, a defining moment in my life. However, this is a Raptor review so lets not shed tears for that great first ride on Millennium Force which I spent an hour writing up. This is about one of the top inverted coasters in the country so it deserves its own props. If my memory of coasters stats serves me correctly, Raptor was a landmark coaster for B and M. I think it was their first inverted coaster with an opening date of sometime in 1993/94. I also believe that this was the first coaster to feature a cobra roll inversion and let me tell you, that thing is seriously intense. Many of the modern B and Ms feature that silky smooth feeling but Raptor has some extremely intense moments. Sitting in the back and being whipped through the inversions is intense beyound belief. The coaster has aged well and is one of the most popular rides at Cedar Point due to its location at the park entrance. I have found that it is a coaster to close down the night on since it is so convenient. One fact to be aware of is the sudden stop as the train pulls into the block breaks and the end of the ride. The jolt you will get there is about as quick a stop as on any coaster Ive ridden to date. Raptor is a very solid 9 in my opinion as it deserves the numerous accolades it receives. I would recommend riding it later in the day as it is extremely crowded in the morning when the gates open. Wait a little later and enjoy your chance to "Kick the Sky".

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coasterf42 on 6/23/2008 7:33:55 AM said:
It is good to see an older coaster still gets love from the GP, even at the "coaster capital." Although it's not one of the higher rated B&Ms anymore, I still think it looks good and am looking forward to riding it whenever I get to CP.
shag9004 on 6/25/2008 11:21:46 AM said:
It's still a great ride and I think it compares favorably with Montu, Afterburn and the rest. The Cobra Roll seems to be the most intense one out there.
coasterf42 on 6/30/2008 3:07:56 PM said:
better than Alpie's cobra?
shag9004 on 6/30/2008 9:10:35 PM said:
Way bbetter. Alpie is so large, the cobra roll feels very forceless to me. The first drop is great but everything else seems to be too big of have much force to it. I know that sounds weird.
coasterf42 on 7/1/2008 8:08:37 AM said:
No, I completely agree. Accept I think the cobra roll is the only forcefull part of the ride. It seems people think the cobra is either rough or forcefull, and I think it is forcefull. Raptor to me has always looked like a better overall ride, especially now that I realize how slow Alpie gets by the time it's over.
fergusonat on 7/1/2008 8:50:08 AM said:
I like Alpengeist better, but only because CP fanboys are so damn obnoxious
weaver23 on 7/26/2008 1:00:30 PM said:
It'.s too bad you dwell on your hatred for the fanboys rather than the superb collection of rollercoasters there, your rating the rides not the people that ride them..
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