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 Review of Voyage @ Holiday World
0 Rating Posted by: immelman on 12/29/2007 1:46:00 AM
I was so pumped to ride this coaster. Before they built this ride Holiday World looked like a cool park but not one I could justify making a trip for. But when I heard about this coaster and saw the on ride video...I had to get there. So I entered the park and headed straight for it, it was hot that day (100 plus degees) and I wanted to avoid waiting for it later in the day. But the coaster was having problems and didnt open with the rest of the park. It started running midway through the day and I finally got on around 4. The first few elements of the ride are perfect...huge hills with very powerful forces. But when the ride starts to head back towards the station its roughness really starts to show its teeth. The overbanked turns caused massive jack hammering that wasnt pleasant on such a hot day, and that roughness got worse the longer the ride went on. So thats why it gets a less than perfect score from me. It is by far the most intense coaster Ive ever been on, but it was also one of the roughest. Based on a lot of the reviews here it seems like I may have just gotten a bad ride on it, and trying it on a cooler day might raise its score.

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ginzo on 12/29/2007 10:06:56 AM said:
Ive had great cycles on Voyage, but also really bad ones like you describe. The hype attached to this ride is revolting. Im going to try and make it to HWs enthusiast event this year to finally get some night rides in on Voyage, but Im going more for Raven than for Voyage. Raven at night is unspeakably awesome.
immelman on 12/29/2007 2:19:51 PM said:
Yeah, it takes a lot for me to complain about roughness, but on the return trip I actually started to fear for my life a little bit. The way Raven is in the woods I imagine the night rides are really cool.
Timberman on 12/29/2007 11:52:53 PM said:
The whole fearing for ones life sensation is one of my favorite aspects of the Voyage. How many relatively safe rides can evoke this response? I would agree that Voyage is a ride you have to pace yourself on, but Ill happily deal with that to catch those fleeting, "oh-crap-were-dead" moments that make life seem worth living. Love the Voyage. Love it.
ginzo on 12/30/2007 3:49:51 PM said:
^Unfortunately, I never really got that sensation on Voyage, even on the excellent cycles that I got on it. I do enjoy a good "were all going to die" moment, and Im trying to recall a ride that has given me that recently. Hmm...apparently my mind is mush at the moment.

I hope HW turns the trims off on Voyage for HoliWood Nights in May. Id like to see what that ride can do at night with no trims.
immelman on 12/31/2007 4:06:44 PM said:
Timberman, I agree that a coaster should have moments where you feel unsafe or out of control. The Voyage does have that, and thats what is good about it... but what I meant in my other comment was that the shaking was so bad I dont know how much more I would have been able to stand.
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