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 Review of Triwizard Tournament - Chinese Fireball (Red) @ Islands of Adventure
0 Rating Posted by: hulkamania on 12/27/2007 11:36:00 PM
Awesome ride worth almost any wait in line loved every second of it was a lil scared at first but just kept getting better through the line only bad thing is if your not in the front you cant see

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mrceagle on 12/28/2007 5:01:00 PM said:
Floorless coasters are the same way. Welcome to the site.
hulkamania on 12/29/2007 5:26:03 PM said:
Yeah i gotta wait it out an extra ten minutes to get in the front row next but i have annual passes so theres plenty of time.
mrceagle on 12/29/2007 11:25:50 PM said:
Season passes can help. but some of these rides though less visual in other rows can give better rides in the middle or back.
hulkamania on 12/29/2007 11:57:48 PM said:
I have 15 months paid for 12 and got a bonus 3 and i live close so im probally gonna go once a week and yeah hulk is probally one you see better near the back
Mega08 on 1/1/2008 12:12:34 AM said:
The best type of coaster to get the front row in is the floorless coaster. Reason Why? because there is simply nothing to the sides of you, front of you, or below you. Makes the ride more thrilling. Inverts are good too, but floorless just stands out the most to me.
hulkamania on 3/26/2008 7:48:35 PM said:
I have yet to ride a floorless coaster, inverted yes but not a floorless, I went to see world and was planning on riding kraken a good amount of that day but it was closed for maintance but if every thing goes good im going to ride Sheikra next week
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