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 Review of Ozark Wildcat @ Celebration City
0 Rating Posted by: Woodiefan on 10/21/2007 6:02:00 PM
In a word, amazing. From the top of the hill lift to the final brake run, this coaster never lets up! It is smooth, intense, and out of control. After riding this coaster I had to rearrange my top ten list. It is a must ride for anyone in the Branson area. My only complaint is the lap bar, which by the end was so tight I could not move. Also, it killed any chance of airtime. However, it is still one of the best coasters of the 100+ I have been on.

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coasterf42 on 10/21/2007 8:17:50 PM said:
Sounds just like how I feel about GCIs Ive been on. Smooth, intense, but no airtime and bad lap bars.
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