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 Review of Catapult @ Six Flags New England
0 Rating Posted by: Canobie Coaster on 9/8/2007 11:40:00 AM
APPEARANCE: To be honest Catapult is a bit of an eyesore to me, and the ride had a yellowish-orange paint job. Also, Catapult had a sun logo on the side of the ride that seems a bit out of place if you ask me. I will say however, that from off the ride, Catapult looked quite intimidating.

WAIT TIME: 30-45 minutes- How can a high capacity ride that potentially seats 48 people have such a long wait? Loading. Loading was horrendous and just as bad as Nightwing as it took 10 minutes just to load the ride. Also, according to an employee I talked to, each of Catapults arms could only hold 18 people each instead of 24 each (possibly this is what caused the ride to be removed). Finally, the line was just pure chaos as there was a fast-lane/single-riders line that had no employee nearby. Therefore more and more people just kept cutting and spewing into the queue line making the line even more madness, and the employees werent even doing anything about it!

RIDE: First off, Catapults restraints were very very secure. They used a very tight lap bar that went further down with every breath, and then the employee slammed the shoulder restraint pretty far down on me. It certainly was a tight fit. As for the ride itself, Catapult took forever to begin and end. The entire arm rises to the top of a tower (probably about 50ft tall) and halts for 30 or so seconds. Following that the ride slowly began revolving around, with one arm going forwards and the other going backwards, providing some very scary sensations of being slammed to the ground and there also was a feeling of hang-time (though it could never happen thanks to the restraints). After 3 rotations one way, Catapult stops midway and reverses directions for 3 more rotations. I definitely preferred going forwards than backwards because of the added feeling and view of hitting the ground. Also, the cycle was quite short in my opinion. Then the ride took almost 2 minutes after stopping to finally begin lowering to the bottom of the tower at a snails pace.

FINAL VERDICT: Catapult was my favorite second ride at Six Flags New England and a very good inverting ride for those who like them. However, thanks to its horrible loading process and bad cycle, Catapults rating is hurt. Im said to see Catapult go next season because despite its issues, it still was a very fun and unique ride.
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