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 Review of Its A Small World @ Magic Kingdom
0 Rating Posted by: James N. on 9/2/2007 8:36:00 PM
What would Disney be without Its a Small World? This famous ride, one of the originals within Disneyland when it first opened, is one of the most beloved... and also the most hated and parodied... rides at Disney. The animatronics are good for its time, its a relaxing ride through some colorful, good looking, settings. And the theme song, although it may annoy some to death, is bearable for the 11 minutes youre on the ride. Its actually pretty catchy. Is it worth waiting over an hour in line for? No. Not even close. Id say longest wait for would be 10 minutes at the most. Will the kids like it? Most definitely. Its a kid charmer. No scary parts, drops, or anything frightening... well, scratch that part, the dolls are a bit creepy... but kids will like it. Guaranteed. Adults will appreciate the 11 minutes off their feet and the relaxing hemisphere.
So, not the best ride at Disney by far but definitely worth riding at least once for its charm and historical value. I give this ride a 7 out or 10.
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