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 Review of Cyclone @ Astroland
2 Rating Posted by: Mikewhy on 8/30/2007 8:53:00 PM
I am afraid that I have to be the odd one out here. At the time of this review I have ridden 262 rollercoasters. The Cyclone was the roughest coaster I have ever been on. Now I was in the back seat of the second to last car, and I have been told that is one of the worst. This coaster was painful and very unpleasant. I found it worse than Son Of Beast, Mean Streak, and even J2 in Clementon. I KNOW how to properly ride a coaster, and yet my back hurt me for days after riding this coaster. So while I see a lot of people love the rough and tumble nature of this coaster, I have to warn some of you that it is a rough ride and to brace yourself. The roughest spots were at the bottom of every hill before the coaster would go up the next hill. I felt like I was being bashed into my seat during those moments. Many of the people I rode with felt the same way.

This coaster is a true classic, but it is also really rough. I DID ride it a second time in the second seat of the first car and I found that ride to be much better. So you might want to get that seat if you can. The problem is, the rather rude workers staffing the ride are not very understanding when you request to sit in a particular seat.

I am glad I got to ride this, but must warn that some of you will find this coaster really harsh, despite the many 10 ratings I see here. So ride with caution! I understand that its roughness makes many people love it, and I respect that. But I simply can not give a good rating to a coaster that hurt me physically. (And I am otherwise in excellent condition and never harmed on any of the other 261 coasters I have enjoyed.)

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Timberman on 8/30/2007 10:56:52 PM said:
Ive said so many times myself, the Cyclone is not for everyone. Still, Mikewhy, I think your discussion of the ride is a bit one-dimensional. I got that you thought it was rough. Any other impressions youd care to share? Did the roughness so overshadow the experience that you recall nothing else noteworthy about what you yourself acknowledge is a "true classic"? Im not knocking your review for saying its rough (although I think that term doesnt quite embody whats really going with the Cyclone), but I do think that when a critics rating diverges sharply from the average, that critic assumes a more substantial burden of explanation. Frankly, I dont think youve carried your burden with this review. Then again, maybe you just forgot to change your rating from the default.
detroit_jc on 8/31/2007 12:32:34 AM said:
let me 1st start off by saying..i am new to this site... i have never rode the cyclone, & maybe i am out of line with what i am about to say based on my non-experience. but everyone please hear me out... back in the early days amusement rides were built to scare. from what i have read this is what the cyclone is all about. i dont want to criticize your rating because that is your opinion based on your experience. but this legend of a ride is more deserving & its elements have influenced just about every roller coaster out there today. please respect the history of these timeless rides & their trains that remain virtually unchanged since day one. historic coasters are disappointing to most fans with the additions of technology & lap bars & seat belts to satisfy complaining customers that just dont understand this is how it was back then without seat dividers & all this stuff. 1 MORE THING I JUST DONT GET....if you are a coaster fan or you ride classic coasters, please stop with all of that it was too rough crap... dont ride it then...complaining sissies are the reason for parks taming their rides to the point of extreme boredom.
hrrytraver on 9/1/2007 6:44:34 AM said:
mike, you should probably fix the rating if its not what you wanted, but in any event, the cyclone can stand a few nicks. something i love about this ride is the force in which you are shot out of your seat cresting the drops and the pressure and gruesome Gs that slam you down in the troughs. there is some pain involved. the cyclone demands your lucidity and full attention at all times. try and hold your hands up for a complete circuit! the back seat is the most forceful, intense yet exciting coaster journey known to me.
Mikewhy on 9/4/2007 9:51:19 PM said:
Just in response... I am not a Roller Coaster "Sissie". I have ridden coasters that people complain on here about all the time like Son Of Beast, J2 and Mean Streak and I loved them all. I love T2 at Kentucky Kingdom in Louisville, a ride most people on here give a horrible rating on and a ride that many people claim they were injured on. I assure you, I am quite tough enough for these rides. I am quite tolerant of rough coasters. But this one was incredibly painful. Yes, that pain did overshadow FOR ME the enjoyment of the ride and I do stand by my review. I am not whining, just giving my opinion. I do not wish for the ride to be torn down or changed in any way. I am just saying what I hear many riders say when they get off it. This ride can really hurt and people should at least be aware of that.

My favorite coaster of all time right now is The Voyage at Holiday World. I would not call that coaster boring by any stretch of the imagination. I like an intense ride. I acknowledge the great history of the Cyclone and respect its designation as a historic landmark. But I did not personally enjoy the experience and had to rate it honestly. I do not feel the need to denote all the positive aspects of the coaster when I spent the entire ride wishing it was over! I did give it a 5 out of respect for what this coaster is. If it had been anywhere else it would have been a 2.
adriahna on 9/6/2007 1:30:20 PM said:
Wow... a 2. Well, to each his own, is all I can say...
ginzo on 9/6/2007 1:59:46 PM said:
"I love T2 at Kentucky Kingdom in Louisville"
detroit_jc on 9/9/2007 4:27:30 AM said:
how about a sequel to the movie roller coaster?
adriahna on 9/9/2007 10:25:48 PM said:
Best 1970s thriller EVER. Or was that the 60s? Judging by Harrys souvenir hat with the name sewn in at the request of the perp, well... Id say the former.
coasterf42 on 10/3/2007 8:12:13 AM said:
^^^Come on, ginzo, everyone can have an opinion. I think the reviewer did a pretty good job at describing the ride, even though it was one-sided. The only thing I got from it was "its rough." Also, we all know wooden coasters require lots of maitenence, never have the same ride twice, and have their bad days.
ginzo on 10/3/2007 1:28:23 PM said:
Youre right. And he did a good job of writing this review. Ive just never heard anything but disdain expressed for T2. And I detest that hang and bang piece of garbage. I actually have no opinion on The Cyclone because Ive never been on it.
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