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 Review of Steel Force @ Dorney Park
2 Rating Posted by: coasterf42 on 8/28/2007 6:55:00 PM
Steel Force was a pleasant surprise, and gets my vote for the best coaster at Dorney Park. So, supposedly these Cedar Fair-Morgans are the ugly stepsisters of the hyper world. However, I found the ride to be in the same class with Apollo and SROS at SFA, not inferior to them as I was expecting. First of all, the ride reaches throughout most of the park, but the entrance is somewhat banished into the back-corner! At first I didnt understand, or appreciate the placement of the ride, but after 5 near walk-ons on a Sunday, I actually liked it! I was surprised at the restraints: although there were seatbelts, I still had plenty of wiggle room thanks to the fact that the lap bars did not go down far. The lift is slow and long, with a great view of the park and the Lehigh Valley to the right. The first drop was good, as it seemed to last forever and had great speed. Then, the ride entered the first tunnel, with lots of positive Gs at the base of the huge drop. The second hill provided a little time to catch your breath, with a nice long drop following the crest. The helix turn-around was absolutely insane! The speed was great and the wind-rush was incredible. This is easily a better turn-around than Apollos or SROS SFAs. Then came the infamous Mid-Course-Breaks, which did seem to slow the train down, but it didnt affect the air too much. My butt left the seat on the drop after the MCBR, and basically every other bunny hop until the ride was over. Perhaps the negative Gs werent as strong as my Intamin/B&M hyper credits, but they were probably just as enjoyable due to the light restraints! Also of note, I liked the view of Lake Dorney throughout the middle of the ride.
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