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 Review of Millennium Force @ Cedar Point
0 Rating Posted by: ioaddict33 on 2/8/2001 6:20:00 PM
A great, great ride. I loved it with only one ride, but which was in the front seat. The 3hr wait for it on AAA Preview Day in May 2000 was more than worth it. I just hate that its at a park as...Blech...As Cedar Point.

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CDCoolguy on 4/9/2001 6:15:20 PM said:
I am just curious as to what is so "Blech" to you about Cedar Point. I admit it is my home park and that I do have a bias, I am sure, but I dont see what could cause a person to not like it so much. I know it lacks on theming, but it has one of the best collection of roller coasters in the world. Just curious, thats all.
ioaddict33 on 4/9/2001 9:11:59 PM said:
At least you were civil about your Cedar Point oppositions to me. I have only visited the park once, and that was when there were 66,000 other people there, so that might have had a impact on my opinion. However, on my single visit, I found the park to be, with the exception of Frontier Trail, lacking greatly in shade...It was a concrete jungle. Theres also really not any great means of park transportation, and for a park that large, a midway-stretching skyride just aint enough. The food I had wasnt too great, I encountered some rude employees. But, the major reason is the ratio of quality to quantity of coasters. Out the of the 11 coasters I rode, there were only 4 that I would wait again for. Those being Millennium Force, Mantis, Blue Streak and Gemini. The rest I found lacking. I hate how the park seems to always go for records and not quality rides, however, I think they succeded in both with Millennium Force. Again, there are only my opinions. And Im always willing to give second chances, as Im going back in August on a 4-day, 4-park trip.
CDCoolguy on 4/9/2001 11:17:18 PM said:
I think that it is good that you will give the park a second chance. It sounds like you did not go on the best of days, so hopefully when you go this time there will be less people, better weather, and an overall more enjoyable experience. The days when there are tons of people there are not nearly as fun as those days where the crowds are reasonable. I am very surprised you encountered rude employees who soured your stay, because in all honesty (and this is totally unbiased) Cedar Point overall has the nicest and best trained employees of any park I have been to. Perhaps you met the wrong people at the wrong time. Any day can be a bad day at a park, which is why it is nice for me that this place is less than an hour away. As to the lack of quality to the quantity of coasters, I think you have to look at it that this park is a business, and in order for a business to be successful, you must have something for everyone. I think too often us thrillseekers (me included) look for always the biggest and wildest things, but forget that many of a parks paying customers wont step on anything over 100 feet tall. Thus, there are rides there to satisfy everyone. Hopefully if your second visit will change your mind. However, of course we all have different opinions and tastes, and Ill understand if Cedar Point is not for you. I just get perplexed when someone who is as well travelled as yourself dislikes the place I cherish so much. Its kinda like when you bake a pie that you are so proud of and then someone says it is terrible. It just doesnt make sense. Hope you understand.
ioaddict33 on 4/10/2001 8:05:59 AM said:
Oh, see, I love a lot of sub-100 foot ride, Blue Streak, in this very park, stands out. I also love Raven, which I believe is only a few feet above 100. Size doesnt matter to me, its all in how good the ride is. I mean, I found nothing interesting in Raptor, same with Magnum. Power Tower had no power, WildCat was all right, but nothing to write home about. Disaster Transport was all right, but again, not great. Iron Dragon was just awful. Same with Mean Streak. And Corkscrew. I understand a lot of these were good when they opened and in their era or whatever, but, Im not living in their era, Im living in the B&M, CCI and Intamin world now, and even if these rides shined back then, they dont, IMHO, now. But, I will be giving the park another chance in August, and that might actually be better because some of the rides will probably be warmed up, as opposed to going before the park officially opens. If you see what Im saying.
CDCoolguy on 4/10/2001 8:43:01 PM said:
I understand, but Ill just have to respectfully disagree (except for Iron Dragon, I dont care much for that one too:-). I guess some people just have different tastes. Hope you have fun in August, and Ill be intersted as to what you think of CP then:-)
sjasin on 8/14/2001 3:32:46 PM said:
Its interesting hearing other opinions about CP. I, for one have been a big fan (of course I am very close and have season passes) I NEVER go on weekends except for the Halloweekends when I think I waited 15 min. for the MF.
I love the Magnum (try it a night!)and the Raptor (front seat please), and I am surprized you liked the Gemini but not the Mean Streak. I will agree wholeheartedly about lack of transportation, after 6-8 hours of walking in the sun it would be nice to have the other sky ride back..or at least a train to take you back to the front of the park. And FYI, a little known place to eat where the food is good and nice view is a short walk just outside the park in the Marina, The Boathouse ($-$$)or Bay Harbor Inn ($$$) enjoy!
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