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 Review of Rotor @ Lake Compounce
2 Rating Posted by: Canobie Coaster on 8/14/2007 7:51:00 AM
Ah, a good spin and puke. These rides are certainly the definition of that since what’s more puke inducing than shoving many riders into a drum and spinning them at high speeds, pinning them to the wall at the operator's mercy? Anyway, I for one have a strong stomach and enjoy these a lot, and this one isn't half bad at all despite the reviews in my opinion.

Now I just love the look of the ride. It’s appearance really just seems to fit in with this tradition park flawlessly, especially at night. A complaint though about the ride is the drum, since drums on these rotors always seem to have the wretched odor of the lunches and snacks of past riders. But I really can't blame the park specifically for that since Canobie's suffers from the same issue.

In comparison to the Turkish Twist, this one is slightly slower and less forceful. However, this one succeeds in the one area that Canobie’s fails, ride length. While Canobie’s ends in about 30 seconds, Lake Compounce runs theirs about 4 times longer allowing for a very satisfying and dizzying ride experience. I especially love how the floor is dropped for most of the ride since it’s really cool having nothing between me and the floor.

Another complaint though about the ride is the ending. Instead of the floor raising all the way back up like Canobie’s, the floor only rises about halfway up before the ride stops, leading to riders sliding down the wall a foot or two. Thankfully I wasn’t hurt, but I definitely see the potential for injury. Is this the only one that ends like this? Hopefully it is.

Despite it’s age, the Rotor still gives a good ride and is one of the better flats at Lake Compounce. Between this one and Canobie’s (the only other rotor I’ve been on), this one pales in my opinion because of its lack of intensity when compared to the Turkish Twist. This is certainly a cool flat that has become a rarity nowadays and is worth checking out if you have a love of spinning rides.
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