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 Review of Giant Wheel @ Lake Compounce
1 Rating Posted by: Canobie Coaster on 8/14/2007 7:39:00 AM
The Giant Wheel is Lake Compounces Chance Century Wheel. Located towards the back of the park against the mountain, the Giant Wheel looks just like any other Chance Ferris wheel. I rode this only one on a weekend and the line was about 15-20 minutes. The wait wasnt because there was a really long line (it was only half the queue) or due to a long cycle. It was the insanely slow loading process. They loaded two gondolas at a time and after loading each gondola the operator needed to give a 5-10 second speech to each car about the rules of the ride. Couldnt that be given sometime earlier? One entire cycle of loading, unloading, and the ride takes 15 minutes total, which is way too slow. Well, the ride itself provides some marvelous views of Boulder Dashs first drop, Thunder N Lightning, Down Time, Zoomerang, and various other rides. You get a really good view of the park, which saves this ride. Unfortunately, you only get 2-3 whole rotations before the ride begins to load and unload again. At least youre on the ride for quite a while to enjoy the view because of the slow loading. Also, the motor is a bit noisier than others. Overall, a good Ferris wheel that provides amazing views, but is hampered by a slow loading process. I highly recommend this ride to anyone who enjoys Ferris wheels as the views are just plain great.
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