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 Review of Compounce Mountain Sky Ride @ Lake Compounce
1 Rating Posted by: Canobie Coaster on 8/14/2007 7:25:00 AM
The Compounce Mountain Sky Ride is by far the best sky ride that I have ever been on. With a station located in the back left corner of the park, the Compounce Mountain Sky Ride travels up the side of a mountain. There are almost never any waits for this as the ride has such a massive capacity. At the beginning of your ride you board one of the many gray cars and are restrained by just a lap bar. Then the breathtaking and spectacular views began. The ride is just, WOW! I got so many amazing views of the surrounding landscape and surrounding homes. Also, during my ride I saw an eagle during my ride that flew above the entire ride. Now I had known that this was an exceptionally long ride before boarding (about 30 minutes), but I didnt know that you could only see half the ride from the base. Once you clear the part that can be seen from the park, you continue outwards for quite a distance. The way down was fun and I didnt find it to be at all scary like other people, but I will admit that it was very steep. Though you dont get very good views of the park during this ride, it would sort of ruin the feel of this tranquil sky ride. Overall, an excellent sky ride that anyone who isnt afraid of heights shouldnt dare miss.
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