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 Review of Viper @ Six Flags Great America
1 Rating Posted by: Ooh Sexy on 8/1/2007 1:20:00 PM
If you are heading into Hurricane Harbor the 2 coasters that catch your eye are Viper and Raging Bull. Since Raging Bull is taller and faster most people flock to that one. But this has the better overall ride experience. The station is themed western style and is pretty shaded so it is an enjoyable queue to wait in. It runs pretty efficiently as well. As you watch Viper, it looks like it stalls right at the top! But it of course shoots back down, like a snake rearing to strike. You think "That doesnt look too bad, the drop isnt even that high or fast!" That maybe because Raging Bulls drop is right in your face while waiting in line haha. As you near the station you tell a ride op how many is in your group and they let you in. Now I only tried the front rows so I dont know what the back rows are like. Strap yourself in, youre in for an airtime filled ride! You take a turn and go up the lifthill. When you reach the top it stalls, giving you time to think about whats to come. It goes down surprisingly fast, and hits a turn. You get flung to your side, and head down another drop. I dont remember the rest of the ride that clearly because it was so insane but I do remember huge airtime filled drops that ripped you right out of your seat And more turns that flew you to your side. The thing I like most about it is it is kind of rough, but not "Im going to die" rough. Just the kind of rough that shows you whos boss. And it is a long ride! So spread the word that Viper is one of the most underrated woodies that deserves attention.

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ginzo on 8/1/2007 6:36:06 PM said:
I dont remember this one being too rough. This generally well regarded coaster is known as being one of the most well maintained corporate woodies around.
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