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 Review of Millennium Force @ Cedar Point
2 Rating Posted by: Ooh Sexy on 7/31/2007 12:58:00 PM
As you drive into the park your eye first sees TTD but you are more drawn to the blue behemoth: Millennium Force. You think to yourself "How big and steep is that first drop? How fast does that lift hill go? What happens after the first drop?" Well the only answer is to ride it! As you approach it you see a huge sign proudly declaring its name. You stand in line with other riders anticipating their ride, either in joy or pure terror. To add more to the anticipation, trains come SHOOTING by the queue, passengers screaming, with a loud roar. Even after it hits the brakes it still goes fast! After most of the queue you head up a walkway and then you can see the 310 foot hill looming above. You think to yourself "HOLY ****!" You see trains going up higher and higher and then drop, drop, drop. It takes almost 5 seconds for it to go down! Only a fence protects you from the train full of passengers careening by. You pass by the exit where the riders get off and hear them talk about "The drop." By now youre either ecstatic about that 310 foot tall almost straight to the ground or absolutely terrified. I was the former. You then enter the real station where there are colorful lights and sweet techno music playing. Pick any seat, they all cant shield you from the fantastic view and that drop. You strap yourself in, the ride attendants check your seatbelts, give the ok, and youre off! There is no turn or drop before the lift hill, its all business. You go right into it, and fly up it! Youre staring straight into the sky with a tiny little lap bar holding you in. Look to your right and see Cedar Point below you (And this is the halfway point!) Or look to your left and see Lake Erie in all its glory. After halfway you go even faster up. Before you know it you reached the top, about to experience the best drop you ever had. Do you throw your arms up into the air, succumb to the force? Or hold on for dear life? Either way youre going to have to face it! Down you go, steeper, steeper, tears in your eyes, wind blowing past your face, screaming with pure terror, stomach rising up. You finally reach the bottom of that extremely forceful drop and head into the huge overbank. Youre tossed to your side and you get a huge sudden burst of speed as you go through a turn and into a tunnel. The screams echo and before you know it youre up another hill. You float above your seat as you come crashing back down to earth yet again, although this was a piece of cake. You are now off in your own little island, where nothing exists except the coaster track in front of you. After a huge turn you hit another overbank. Tossed to your side again, you hope that your seatbelt is on tight as you wouldnt want to fly off this marvelous coaster! After a slight turn you head up another hill with more airtime and see the second tunnel looming ahead. You see a bright flash of light and you come shooting out past the station in a bunnyhop and another overbank, hitting the brakes at 60 mph. You scream, clap, high five, laugh, whatever you do, is absolutely normal because who wouldnt show a reaction to the fabulous coaster you just rode on?

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