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 Review of White Mountain Central Railroad @ Clarks Trading Post
0 Rating Posted by: Andy77 on 7/30/2007 12:17:00 AM
Amusing trains ride that takes you down a 1-mile stretch of river. You get a little history, a little humor, and some excitement for the kids as the Wolfman chases the train and stops at different points along the route to yell and set off a shot gun. The wanted posters of the Wolfman is a nice touch. As for the train, it is made up of over sized wagon cars with benches. They are comfortable enough, but I have been taking train rides since I was a kid and there is nothing authentic about this train. That said, I think this is the best attraction in the park, and the kids really get a kick out of it. Definitely not worth a special trip, but if it’s on your way and you don’t mind dropping some extra cash, you might find this ride diverting.

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mrceagle on 7/30/2007 2:29:25 AM said:
To correct a bit of information the Train line is 2.5 miles. Granted the cars are not amtrack but they are built to for the needs of the park. you can go to the Clarks cousins attraction Hobo RR. It features a diesel engine and fairly new cars. remember Clarks is a Road-side Attraction Not a transportation line. You can also check out Conway Scenic RR but if my memory serves me right youll need to pay for at least first class to get padded seats over bench seats. If you Childrin are old enough and mind well you could also ask The engineer to Ride in the locomotive.
Andy77 on 7/30/2007 11:06:25 PM said:
Could be that the "Train line is 2.5 miles" as you say, but I dont think so. It felt more like 1 mile to me, which is why I said that. Also, I just looked up the web site at Clarks and it says "a 30-minute 2 1/2 mile excursion". I think it is more likely 1.25 miles out and 1.25 miles back.

I have not been to the Hobo RR before. To me though new is not necessarily what I am interested in. If it is a good replica of a historical engine and cars, then I would be good with that. Also padded seats are not important to me only authenticity. I do appreciate the tip about the Conway Scenic RR. This is one I rode when I was young and it left a lasting impression on me. I have not been back to since, but it may go to the top of my list of vacation spots. Thanks again.
mrceagle on 7/31/2007 12:36:00 AM said:
Conway is a nice ride. Double checked with my brother who has been on it recently and there is slightly padded benches on the Coach ticket. but I suggest taking bean notch Rd into Bartlet and i woudl have to get you the side rode into Conway. you dont want to stay on the cangamangus during summer traffic. I dont know when you took your trip to Clarks.

Yes the like is 1.25 miles in and then back. I got the impression you though the hole experience was that long. I must have been mistaken. thanks for clearing things up. also you might like to know that Clarks has plans to extend the line possibly as soon as next year.

The engines operated on this line at authentic. The family started rescuing locomotives long before they started offering rides. Their most popular locomotive is the Climax which just returned to service this year. you can see some photos and read my trip report here: http://www.themeparkcritic.com/Forums/ViewTopic.asp?TopicID=173560&ForumKey=9
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