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 Review of Tea Cups @ Six Flags New England
0 Rating Posted by: Canobie Coaster on 7/22/2007 1:10:00 PM
What makes a good tea cups ride? Does it have to be comfortable? Oh yes. Does it have plenty of spinning? Of course. Now typically when I think of Six Flags New England, their high-tech thrillers such as Bizarro, Batman, or Scream attract most of my attention and I unfortunately seem to forget about the best tea cups I’ve ever been on by a long shot.

Located in the South End, the Tea Cups admittedly don’t look like anything particularly special off-ride with its stereotypical appearance for a tea cup-style attraction. Thankfully though, this never ever has a line at all thanks to its rather low popularity and its exceptionally high capacity. I have never had to wait a minute for this before in my life, and I doubt I ever would in the future as well.

Once seated in the large and very roomy tea cups and the ride began, it was easily apparent that this would be a dizzying experience. Not only does SFNE run this at a rather high speed to induce some great spinning on its own, but I was able to control the cup’s spinning even more with a center wheel, which works wonders to say the least. Never before has it been easier to increase the spinning on a tea cup attraction or any other attraction for that matter in my life. Add that exceptional spinning in with a pretty good length cycle, and you’ve got a really special attraction.

The Tea Cups don’t have the height or intensity of SFNE’s larger, more glorified attractions, but fills the spinning-ride niche to perfection. Never have I ever ridden such a great tea cups before and this one is my runaway favorite thanks to its very intense spinning. Rarely do I ever come off a ride dizzy, but this one succeeded and was absolutely fulfilling. Any spinning ride fan should reserve time for a ride or two on this exceptional spinning flat because you certainly won’t be disappointed in the least bit.
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