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 Review of New Mexico Rattler @ Cliffs Amusement Park
2 Rating Posted by: shag9004 on 7/20/2007 5:07:00 PM
Date Ridden 7-8-2007 Times ridden - 2 (3rd from the back and middle of the train).

Following our day out at Lagoon, I was excited to be heading to a small park with a coaster that I had planned our trip around. I was looking for another Ozark Wildcat and was slightly disappointed. While not as smooth, the massive laterals made this wood hybrid (wooden track and steel supports) a fun ride. I was surprised at the intensity this little coaster packed. It was so much that my riding partner/GF would not ride again. After hitting this when we got in, we rode everything else in the park and I rode this one again before we left. We did the entire park in a little over two hours. Kudos also to the ride ops who handled a line cutting incident by some teenagers with quick consequences. As we were waiting for our first ride, four people (two boys and their girlfriends I guess) came from one stall and two of them jumped in front of us. I pointed this fact out to the ops and they immediately led all four line jumpers out of the station. I am not sure if they were removed from the park but thanks to the lady who LOUDLY and FORCEFULLY made them get up and had them taken out.

Now about the ride. First the line is much different. There are actually three lines which go into the station. The line on the far right is for the front two cars only. The line on the far left is for the back two cars only. The middle line is for the rest of the train. Amazingly, all three lines are normally equal which means the middle line moves MUCH faster. The Rattler only has one train, so wait times can get very lengthy for the front or the back...especially since most people just jump in whatever line looks the shortest. If it is absolutely necessary that you ride a front or back seat (and on some rides I am that way....I only like inverts on the front and usually woodies on the back) then prepare for a longer wait. Otherwise, just jump in the middle line and prepare to ride after a 1 or 2 train cycle. I do feel like my ride in the third from the back was my best ride so it may be necessary to wait the extra time. I was personally short on time and was not willing to wait. Highlights of the coaster include the twisting drop, the lengthy tunnel, and like I said earlier, the massive laterals. The trains are very comfortable so being pummelled from side to side is a pleasant sensation. There are a number of pops of air on a few of the hills but nothing like El Toro or Kennywoods Jack Rabbit. The Rattler is a fast little coaster which makes Cliffs a destination for coaster enthusiasts. I pre-judged this ride as a 9 based on its looks and specs but after riding have decided it is more of an 8.......more along the lines of the Thunderbolt at Kennywood or Rampage at Alabamas Adventure than the Raven or Dollys Thunderhead which are solid 9s. Still a fun ride.

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Timberman on 8/9/2008 10:08:51 AM said:
Thanks for a good, informative review, shag9004. I wish you would have gotten at least one ride in the very back seat, preferably on the right side. While I had good rides all over the train, the airtime was definitely amplified in the back seat. Although I have ranked this coaster just below Raven (which felt more out-of-control to me), the intensity, ride quality, PTCs, and no-joke airtime led me to place it above Thunderhead and Kentucky Rumbler, my favorite of the GCIs. You make a good point about the laterals, something else the highly banked GCIs lack and a feature used to excellent effect on New Mexico Rattler.
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