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 Review of Skull Mountain @ Six Flags Great Adventure
1 Rating Posted by: woofboy111 on 7/16/2007 10:15:00 AM
When this ride first started moving up the curved and heavily themed lift hill, I was expecting more of a dark ride than a coaster, or at least a good combo of the two different type of rides. Once at the top of the lift though, all visible theming stopped. The rest of the ride was just an average coaster in an empty warehouse. Two major problems with this was that it wasnt really dark. It looked like they had canvas tarps covering open doorways going outside, but whenever the wind blew, these curtains let in way too much light ruining the effect of the roller coaster in the dark. Second problem was that while waiting to pull into the station, one of these sheets blew up and I was looking back into the dark to get a view of the coaster I just rode. I noticed that there was a big skeleton standing not far from where the train was stopped. I dont know if it was animatronic or not, or if this was the only one in the building, but it would have been nice to have this theming be illuminated while riding. That way you would actually know it was there...

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mrceagle on 7/16/2007 3:36:49 PM said:
When I rode it There was a few Skull heads and a skeleton along the ride that you flew by. sad to hear it has gone down hill. I actually enjoyed this coaster at the park.
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