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 Review of Montezoomas Revenge @ Knotts Berry Farm
0 Rating Posted by: Yoshirule on 6/27/2007 1:59:00 PM
I love this ride! My favorite so far. Although I give GhostRider a better rating, I enjoy this one as much. GhostRider is just longer and...I dont know, I cant explain it. Anyways, this was my first looping coaster and it did not leave me wanting more- or less for that matter! 0-55 is 4 seconds is not as fast as it much was, and Im sure many cars of today could do it easily. The launch was fun at all times, and 3 out of 5 times I had my hands up the whole time other than the first second. I would say in the first second the launch is fairly intense but the other three lack this feature. My first time it felt crazy the whole time but the subsequent times only the first second felt this way. The loop is magnificent- the forwards loop is very fast and I felt heavier at the top of the loop. The backwards loop I felt slightly lighter due to the decrease in speed. Compared to the Silver Bullet the loop is nice and forceful and the ride is not ridiculously smooth. I think it is the perfect blend of roughness and smoothness that a coaster should have. The spikes did not seem to have any airtime though. In my opinion the back is the best place to sit on this ride because the ending spike gives a nice view. At the very end keep your hands on the handrail because it is very very jerky! Loading time is very slow, and is a shame because the ride could run pretty fast if it wanted to. I could ride this coaster again and again, and it is one of my favorites at Knotts.
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