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 Review of Alpengeist @ Busch Gardens Williamsburg
1 Rating Posted by: Hercules on 6/11/2007 12:33:00 AM
Alpengeist is a big boy that does not make big boy noise. Flat out and straight to the point, it does not deliver the kind of ride that is expected. It is a towering structure. "Geeze, this is high." However, the height and speed do not equal thrills and quality.
The ride is basically over after the first drop. The drop is good and exciting and seems to last forever. The train takes the elements with such speed and grace that there are no noticable forces throughout the ride, making it less than thrilling. You would think that the large elements would compensate for the speed and there would be some Gs and lateral forces, but alas, there are none.
The cobra roll is an element that I believe should only be used on a ride where the train is on top of the track. It does not flow with the ride and is a little jerky. And speaking of jerky, that mid-course break gives me flash backs of a Vekoma SLC.
The ride flat out dies at the end. Aplengeist is supposed to be an intimidating beast, but it leaves a feeling that the beast has been tamed at the end. It has no stamina.
I will take a compact B&M any day. This is "bad" for a B&M.

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millforce on 6/11/2007 6:30:03 AM said:
You will be hearing from Ferg very soon hahahahaha lol
coaster05 on 6/11/2007 8:47:12 AM said:
I feel the same way about this one as I do Great Bear, I just dont understand how there can be any complaints. Either way though nice review.
fergusonat on 6/11/2007 11:12:49 AM said:
Shut up millforce...

I have found people either love or hate Alpengeist. Hercules has enough coaster-experience to decide where he stands on it. You, on the other hand, cannot attest to this level of experience. At least he explained why he didnt enjoy the ride, unlike you who simply compare everything to Millennium Force -_-

I personally find Alpengeist more intense than Herc described, but I cant make him change his mind haha. I will agree that rides like Top Gun The Jet Coaster ultimately win out over rides like Alpengeist, but I would in no way say Alpie is "bad"
CoastrGlxy on 6/11/2007 12:45:02 PM said:
Im not sure I understand how the ride "flat out dies at the end" and "has no stamina". The vertical loop has some good gs in my memory at least. Anyway, I disagree and would prefer this monster of a B&M invert over the little compact versions any day. Talon and Great Bear are fun, but Alpengeist is feels a lot faster and more intense to me. Not to mention LONGER. Good review though, Herc.
Hercules on 6/11/2007 1:10:45 PM said:
It dies after the mid course. That is what I meant by that. And I just didnt feel the forces that you speak of within these huge elements.
fergusonat on 6/11/2007 3:41:39 PM said:
^You should try riding this thing in the back row...definitely a much more intense experience. Also, you sometimes get a lucky ride and the brakes dont punch in quite as hard on the MCBR
Hercules on 6/12/2007 12:41:24 AM said:
Eh, rode in the back too. Just not a fan I guess. Go figure.
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