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 Review of Steel Force @ Dorney Park
0 Rating Posted by: MovieCoast on 6/5/2007 9:27:00 PM
Steel Force is perhaps the most overrated coasters on the planet. Is it tall? Yes, but there are taller. Is it fast? Yes, but there are faster. These factors, however, should not detrack from the ride. Steel Force starts out great with a wonderful first drop, a great second drop, and a helix with some great laterals. I found the remainder of the ride, however, to be quite dull. Its also not a very intense ride like as opposed to Magnum XL-200 and Apollos Chariot. Both also had amazing airtime, whereas Steel Force had two floater moments. If youre looking for a big coaster that isnt very scary or intense, Steel Force is the ticket. Its like the "family-hyper" if you will. But if intensity is sought, than this coaster will severely dissapoint.
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