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 Review of Comet @ Hersheypark
2 Rating Posted by: coasterf42 on 6/5/2007 10:09:00 AM
The Comet was one of the biggest surprises of my first day at Hersheypark. I was expecting an okay ride, but one that had aged more and had more breaks than the Wild One. While I think the overall quality of air is a bit less than Wild One, Comet had airtime from start to finish. Some reviewers have noted that the ride is heavily breaked, and therefor resulted in a pointless second half, but I noticed barely any breaking and certainly no weak second half. A couple of things that I really liked were the fact that you got airtime on the top of every hill, no matter if it went down afterwards or not. For example, the second hill is a turn-around, but you still get some airtime at the top. All of the turns also had some good laterals. I loved the old trains and the single-position lapbars, that gave great freedom, which is probably the thing I love the most about wooden coasters. The lack of restraint made it feel like you could practically stand up on every bunny-hop. The best hop on the ride seemed to be this little hill right before the track made a turn into its structure. The ejectors were crazy on that little hill on both my rides. I also thought the station was neat, as the riders were loaded on a downward slope! Overall, Comet really kicked some butt and was a huge surprise. The airtime wasnt legendary, but was very consistant. I had no problems with breaking and actually found it to be the best wooden in the park!

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hrrytraver on 6/5/2007 10:40:02 AM said:
good review. ive always thought this was kinda vanilla wood. herb schmeck is sort of a phil spector of mid-period coasterdom. lots of genius, but ultimately a conservative, applying his craft more for hit-song mass production than symphonic masterwork. of course phil had his standouts - "be my baby" and "river deep mountain high" - and herb has his phoenix and wild one (i.e. giant coaster reprofile). comet still runs great, is definitely prime for "oldie-but-goodie-airplay", and i think one can easily get an idea of how song-perfect schmeck really was from just one or two rides. id love to give this ride another try soon, cause im waiting for that circuit like you had that will make me give this a great review insted of a tepid one.
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