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 Review of Racer, The @ Kennywood
0 Rating Posted by: tauren_man on 5/26/2007 10:01:00 PM
As told by Woody Allen in "Annie Hall", theres an old joke: 2 women are in a cafeteria, and one says "This food is terrible!" and the other says "Yeah, I know! And in such small portions, too!" You may or may not feel the same way about The Racer. Just about all of the hills seem about the same (though they obviously are not), which all are a bit bigger than the "bunny-hop" section of the log jammer. On top of that, once you get up the lift hill, the ride seems to last less than a minute. However, it is still boasts wondeful layout, rivaling Grand National (which is, unfortunately, superior) in being a morbeous racing coaster. The racing, which once seemed predictible, has unexpected outcomes on occasion, making it a great way to bring out some competition for all ages. In addition, the paint job and retro-station are quite charming. Though it is by far the least intense of all coasters in Kennywood (other than kiddie phantom), it is still a great starter for kids and a nice way to wind down after something crazy like Phantom or some wacky thrill ride. If you go to Kennywood, THEN YOU MUST RIDE THIS!
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