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 Review of Mind Bender, The @ Six Flags Over Georgia
0 Rating Posted by: ginzo on 3/19/2007 5:34:00 PM
This coaster shows who was king of steel coasters in the 1970s, and it certainly wasnt Arrow Development. Where to begin? Mind Bender has a relatively simple lay out, but is more fun than the vast majority of modern coasters. Heck, I think only Goliath is better at Six Flags Over Georgia. The ride starts off with a super slow lift hill, which was annoying on a one train operation day. I wonder if theyre still using the original motor, because the train creeps up the hill and nearly stops at the top. The train turns around, and plunges into one of the most perfect coaster lay outs around. The loops are great, extremely powerful. The side loop is intense, and I got splashed a bit in the front seat by the nearby waterfall. Racing by the waterfall in the side loop is a neat and unique experience. One aspect about Mind Bender that I really enjoy is how the ride experience is vastly different depending on where you ride in the train. I did not get a chance to experience the middle rows, but I did try the front and back rows. The back row has powerful drops that rip into your stomach, and the loops are quite intense in the back. The front row is weaker through the drops and loops, but you get amazing ejector air going up the hills. Yes, this sit down looper features ejector air. Try finding that in an Arrow or B&M looper. Another amazing aspect of Mind Bender is how smooth it is. It tracks nearly as well as any B&M. This is quite a feat considering that Anton S. didnt have all the fancy CAD software that is the lifeblood of modern coaster design. There isnt a hint of roughness thanks to the barely noticeable lapbars. Going through loops without nasty OTSRs is a nice treat. I despise OTSRs. While I do not believe that Mind Bender is a top 10 ride, it is certainly a treasure that I hope Six Flags keeps running in top form for decades to come. Its excellent current condition suggests that this will be the case.

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BobFunland on 3/25/2007 8:34:19 PM said:
Unfortunately the 1 train thing is pretty common. Two years ago they basically replaced or rebuilt everything outside of the track but they have had problems with the control system tripping up when running 2 trains. In 2005 it never worked right, they did better last year, and yesterday they ran 2 trains which is the earliest Ive seen them attempt such a feat in years - and it worked perfectly! This is very close to the perfect ride in my mind
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