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 Review of Mickeys PhilharMagic @ Magic Kingdom
1 Rating Posted by: ginzo on 2/24/2007 8:46:00 PM
Im not a fan of 3D shows. My eyes apparently dont like them much, and stuff goes out of focus a lot. I wind up having to take the glasses off several times just to see whats going on. Also, I dont like it when they do the stupid 3D trick of making stuff move right into your face, thus irritating your third eye. Mickeys PhilharMagic is the Lexus of 3D shows. I could see everything in vibrant technicolor. No focus problems, and no annoying 3D stuff jammed into your face. The 3D effect just seems to get better and better in this show, until one point the characters are on a flying carpet that appears to be literally 3-4 feet away from you. Calling this show Mickeys PhilharMagic is somewhat of a misnomer, because Mickey is barely in it. Donald Duck is the star of this show. I also found Minnies porno sounding voice in the waiting room hilarious.
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