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 Review of Santas Smackers @ Santas Village
0 Rating Posted by: Canobie Coaster on 9/11/2006 3:37:00 PM
Santas Smackers are an excellent set of bumper cars that shouldnt be missed. Despite Santas Smackers being geared towards children, they are my second favorite bumper cars behind the ones at Funtown U.S.A. Located in the back of the park, Santas Smackers has a huge arena with many multi-colored cars. At the rides entrance is a chipper elf that you measure up to, telling children if theyre tall enough to drive. Generally, there is a 5-10 minute wait because of quick loading and the many cars. Also, many adults take a child on since this is primarily a childrens park. There is a center divider in the arena, but it actually helps the ride experience. All the cars on Santas Smackers are sleek and are in top-notch condition. These have the best handling on any bumper cars I have been on. They dont bump hard, but there are chances for many collisions due to the many cars. Also, you get a very long ride (around 5 minutes). Overall, Santas Smackers are one of my favorite bumper car rides I have been on and shouldnt be missed. I highly recommend this ride to anyone who isnt bothered by some light and frequent collisions.
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