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 Review of Merlins Mystical Mansion @ Clarks Trading Post
0 Rating Posted by: larrygator on 9/5/2006 1:04:00 PM
an excellent haunted swing with a very good story line. The seating area is small which makes for a great effect. It really felt like you were making a complete revolution, but not at a dizzying speed. To me it felt like the room was moving slower than others Ive been on, but its all perception I guess.
I didnt even realize the ride op in the room was actually supposed to be Merlin.

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mrceagle on 9/5/2006 6:08:29 PM said:
So the old Guy with a long gray beard with a wizard unit didnt catch your eye? anyways glad you liked it. One reason it might seem slower is unlike modern versions the seating platform doesnt move.
larrygator on 9/5/2006 8:37:29 PM said:
in the room there was a female ride op in a long black robe and a hood - I didnt see any guy old with a beard
mrceagle on 9/5/2006 8:42:56 PM said:
There is normally a Merlin looking guy operating it. If some one else takes over they normally announce themselves at Merlins apprentice. and they inform you that they will take you on your journey.
larrygator on 9/6/2006 12:02:43 AM said:
It is quite possible that was Merlins apprentice and I didnt hear what she said. Honestly, I was staring around at all the decor and admiring the very comfortable chairs that served as my seat.
mrceagle on 9/6/2006 2:48:27 PM said:
They are very Comfortable. Anyways Im glad you enjoyed the ride.
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