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 Review of Sledge Hammer @ Canadas Wonderland
0 Rating Posted by: weaver23 on 8/24/2006 8:13:00 AM
Sledge Hammer is visually masive and very appealing it has three hydraulic shocks that push you up and down and looks (from the outside) to be an intense thrill ride my last rides on this werent so thrilling but my previous experience was pretty fun the first part where they suddenly pull you up gave amazing positive gs but you feel kind of embarresed screaming on this ride cuz there is always somebody looking straight at you ( its kind of annoying) but overall it looks cool butdoesnt live up to its looks thats 2 points up and 1 point lost i like the restraints and the ride its self is fairly thrilling 4 more points i love the design of the whole ride its very neat and unique another 3 point and 1 point lost being a tad rough now it stands at 7
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