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 Review of Chang @ Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom
0 Rating Posted by: Alex M. on 8/19/2006 6:23:00 PM
I dont see why some people think Chang is rough. This is a excellent coaster that glides through its elements with excellent smoothness with little to no headbanging. The new paintjob gives it an excellent appearance.

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coasterf42 on 8/19/2006 6:40:03 PM said:
It aint that rough. Maybe to other B&M standups (Ive never ridden any), but nothing to complain about. I just dont get excited about any of the elements other than the drop and the first loop.
ginzo on 8/21/2006 1:43:07 AM said:
I rode Chang twice this season, and it bashed my head pretty well on both rides. Ive had worse, but I think this ride could definitely be called rough compared to other B&M creations.
coasterf42 on 8/21/2006 7:54:02 AM said:
But if you compare it to Shockwave at PKD, well Chang is heaven.
ginzo on 8/21/2006 9:06:12 AM said:
I never rode Shockwave, but I did ride King Cobra at PKI before they tore it down. From what I remember, Chang is harder to tolerate than King Cobra was. All those inversions while standing up are a bit much. I definitely prefer Cobra over Chang, and I actually wish PKI didnt tear it down.
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