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 Review of Roar @ Six Flags America
1 Rating Posted by: coasterf42 on 7/28/2006 4:36:00 PM
Its interesting how many enthusiests on this site enjoy Roar. I really just didnt like the coaster. The layout is completely mind-bogling to look at, but when I was riding it, I just couldnt even tell the layout was so extreme. It basically felt like Turn, hill, turn, hill, tunnel, turn, hill. Who cares? It was basically void of any good airtime accept on the final cammel-back and that was only a small pop. All the turns are banked so the only great lateral moment comes at the very end of the course as well. I found the long tunnel to be completely un-inspiring. Its not dark, not loud, not even all the way enclosed, just long and dull. You would think that a ride with this sort of layout would have great headchopppers, but for some reason I didnt find any reason to duck the whole ride. Maybe its because Ive never had the front seat, but I just didnt see all the cross overs/unders. The main complaint about this ride is roughness nowadays, and I do see it as pretty rough, but not unbearable. It is quite shakey at the base of every drop it seems, which gets anoying and a few turns are slightly rough. So basically I dont like Roar because of the slight pain, and the fact that I see it as a forceless ride with small amounts of airtime and lats, as well as a very week tunnel. I dont know how it is currently ranked higher than the parks other wooden masterpiece (as of 7-28-06) but I see Roar as two steps below average.

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hrrytraver on 9/10/2006 1:17:11 PM said:
i actually kind of agree with you. for its fantastic appearance, it is a little lifeless.
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