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 Review of Triwizard Tournament - Chinese Fireball (Red) @ Islands of Adventure
0 Rating Posted by: sowinski on 7/26/2006 6:30:00 PM
I liked fire a little less than ice, due to the lack of variety of coaster elements and perhaps because I rode it in the middle and not in the front, as I did when I rode ice. The theming is very good, the dueling is great. As an individual coaster each of this coasters is alright, but not spectacular. You get a good long walk in the line up which makes re-rides a bit of an effort. Too bad my sister didnt want to wait for a ride in the back of fire, though.

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weaver23 on 5/17/2007 4:13:54 PM said:
arent they the exact same except opposite directions?
praxis on 5/17/2007 10:32:26 PM said:
Nope, oh Weaver-y one. There are a few noticable differences between the Fire & Ice sides. Not >huge< but noticable.
weaver23 on 5/18/2007 7:59:51 AM said:
Oh i see
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