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 Review of River Rapids @ Adventureland
0 Rating Posted by: ILVECOSTRS on 7/10/2006 3:10:00 PM
This is an ok ride. When I went to the park this was second longest wait(the longest was for the Raging River) the line never seemed to move. On a cool day it the line probobly way shorter(but I wouldnt want to get wet anyway so it doesnt matter). When you get out of the station you barely even are moving, but then you get to the short hill that has zero drop. But be warned if you are sitting in the front you will get soaked. Then you get plenty of speed and go to the big hill. There is barely a drop on the big hill, so dont be scared(and smile they take your picture). You should go on this if there isnt much of a line, but if there is your time will be better spent on anothre ride.
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