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 Review of Motor Boats @ Knoebels
-1 Rating Posted by: Park on 5/14/2006 10:40:00 PM
Far to slow. The line takes forever, and the boats go so slow. Boring! ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

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adriahna on 5/17/2006 5:37:40 PM said:
Its not intended to be a thrill ride, or to let you open up the boats full throttle. Its basically meant to be a relaxing, family-oriented ride, and it does that darned well. Heck, seriously, how much faster would you want to go in those things? They arent exactly placed on a maneuverable course...
B&MRULES! on 2/14/2007 8:06:34 PM said:
Welcome to the site park.
taylorb251 on 2/14/2007 9:16:24 PM said:
^Park was a member before you.
B&MRULES! on 2/15/2007 9:23:37 PM said:
Yes but it had been a while.
taylorb251 on 2/15/2007 10:53:08 PM said:
What are you talking about? This review was in May 2006. I guess I dont understand what you are trying to say.
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