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 Review of Haunted House @ Trimpers Rides & Amusements
0 Rating Posted by: erinys on 3/21/2006 10:33:00 PM
This was fun although it completely traumatized me as a child. I loved the tracking - the tilted angles added immensely to the general unease, and the couple of fast, unexpected jerky moments further enhanced the sense of doom in this old, creaky fire-trap (not really, just a feeling). There were some dead spots w/ effects that must have been no longer functioning, and the rooms that relied solely on fluorescent paint didnt quite work in the modern age. I miss the waterfall ending! But theres nothing like falling towards your sweetie in the dark on the tilted, seemingly unstable track or shoved up together on a sudden jolting turn. Back was a little sore from the lack of padding on the seats, but thats part of the fun, and Id hate to think how sticky & sweaty any padding would get in the heat of summer. Even the ticket taker was spooky in a demented biker kinda way. Update: Visited again Memorial Day 06, and nearly all the dead spaces removed, new yet old looking effects installed, and the waterfall kinda working, so up a point it goes! The ticket taker looked a little more kempt and less strange, but I guess everyone needs a hair cut now and then.
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