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 Review of Déjà Vu @ Six Flags Great America
0 Rating Posted by: Animan1 on 1/19/2006 6:41:00 PM
Deja Vu was an average coaster that was slightly overhyped in my experience, but is solid nonetheless. SFGAms Deja Vu is no different from the others throughout the country in that it has some fairly significant downtime, and the line can also get very long very quickly due to its limited capacity and unique loading situation. The ride itself is fine; slowly climbing the first "hill" backwards and at 90 degrees is quite a thrill, and the inversions arent bad. The second ascent is also unique, since youre on your back, and it seems as youre going up that youre much higher than you actually are. Going backwards through the inversions is fine, not a whole lot different than going through them forward. There is nothing wrong with the ride, but theres nothing really that fantastic or special about it either, i.e. forceful, fast, high. Not a must ride for me, but Ill certainly take a spin if the line is short and Ive already ridden a lot of my must rides at the park. If youre looking for a unique, low-capacity coaster, V2 is my recommendation though.
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