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 Review of Bizzaro @ Six Flags New England
5 Rating Posted by: Mt. Flyer on 1/1/2006 10:48:00 AM
Superman: The Ride Of Steel was the symbol of the upgading of the old Riverside Park to Six Flags New England. But this upgrade of the park with a giant new steel coaster encountered a problem due to the topography of the new Six Flags New England. They couldnt put in a clone coaster of the Superman ride at Darien lake, so Intamin had to design a unique ride, just for this park. The result is an icon of the golden age of the steel mega-coaster. Just as the Coney Island Cyclone symbolizes the glories of past wood coasters, SROS stands for all that we love about the giant steel rides built during the turn of the century coaster wars that have resulted in rides like Nitro, Millenium Force, etc. Its ingenious design amplifies the glories of classic coasters, but done with the speed and smoothness of steel. Tall and fast, without being the tallest or fastest, prepare for air time like no other coaster, on a layout that never lets up. Some may balk at the new restraints, but the ride given by this amazing coaster can not be diminished by a little extra caution. Like the previously mentioned C. I. Cyclone, S:ROS at SFNE is destined to become a classic.

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mrceagle on 1/1/2006 6:33:32 PM said:
Really good review. I cant say I agree about the Restraints though. I come of with the ankles in pain. thats not a little bit of cation. But again fantastic well explained review.
Mt. Flyer on 1/2/2006 2:18:59 PM said:
Thanks Mrceagle. Sorry to hear about your experience with the restraints, but I dont see the state lifting their ban on the T-bar.
ibluv on 1/2/2006 6:31:05 PM said:
The restraints didnt bother me at all, and I still got mad air-time. I never rode it with the old restraint system, but with all the air this thing gives its a wonder more people didnt go flying out.
mrceagle on 1/3/2006 12:58:44 AM said:
i actualy love that hole T- bar stunt the state pulled after the death. they sent out a state order to shut down all rides with e T bar restaint. Superman is the only ride in teh state with sych a restraint. I am glad they removes the side belts those just slowed things down way to much.
mrceagle on 6/4/2006 12:44:43 PM said:
Its gut a around the same if not a little more air time then Apalo. At least form what I have heard.
Timberman on 6/5/2006 3:12:24 AM said:
Great review, Mt. Flyer. Anytime someone invokes the Cyclone in praise of a ride, that person is making a strong claim, but here, the analogy is credible. The SFNE version of S:ROS in many ways did define the apex of a certain era in coaster design. I rode the ride before the new restraints were added, and the airtime, speed, and layout blew me away. I havent ridden it post-modification, and Im a bit afraid to for fear of disappointment, but reviews like this are reassuring.
mrceagle on 6/5/2006 3:50:51 PM said:
The Superman ride is a prime example of Coaster disign. the layout is interesting and luckely for us they needed to fit things into certain areas wich ment we got a custom layout thatno one else had.
Mt. Flyer on 6/14/2006 2:51:26 PM said:
Timberman thanks for your kind words. About the new restraints, make no mistake, Im not pleased with them. But I do feel that S:ROS is such a great coaster that its strong points greatly erase the inconvenience of the new restraints.
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