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 Review of Hypersonic XLC @ Kings Dominion
1 Rating Posted by: coasterf42 on 11/13/2005 8:11:00 PM
Wow, this was a very wierd ride. I can best describe it as: insane, average, and torture. The launch is absolutely incredible. You barely realize that your moving and all of a sudden, your already at the hill. It is quiet and as smooth as glass too. Best launch Ive been on. Now the wierd stuff begins: Going up the hill these oversized lap bars rammed down into my thighs even more than they already were (I was pretty stappled in the first place) So I was basically way too stappled to get any air at the top of that verticle hill. I also think that the strait section of track is over too quickly. You barely have time to enjoy the insane launch. After the hill is where the pain starts and lot of it. Who knew a banked turn and small bunny hops could be THIS bad? Well, they were and I was really ready to get off as soon as it was done, because the restraints were ramming into my quads even more. Overall, this ride is above average only because of the out-of-this-galaxy launch, but I really think this coaster was built a little too early. It could have been much better with a perfected second half. Plus it barely even ran for two seasons.
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