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 Review of Jokers Jinx, The @ Six Flags America
1 Rating Posted by: Hercules on 10/23/2005 8:26:00 PM
Ladies and gentleman I would like to introduce you to Batman and Robin: The Chiller with a layout. Well, sort of. Let me start by saying that this thing looks really weird, just like the other Premier ride that I mentioned. Yet, I cant say that this one looks like a retarded monkey built it because there is just so much more to it. Alright, now, its a decent launch. It is not overpowering, but the tunnel that it shoots the train through adds a lot to it. The first 3 inversions are out of the way right away (and I personally enjoyed going straight into the cobra roll). Then, the ride hit a bit of a lull, which I had first noticed when I was observing the ride. It just looked boring. After the third inversion, the ride is at its highest point and it slows down a lot. Little did I know though that it was setting me up for one heck of a ride upon its desent. It turns into an intense beast of a ride after that. Twists and turns followed by more of the same make for an excellent and thrilling second half. The final inversion really caught me by surprise, another couple of turns and then the brakes. I really had to catch my breath because the ending really took it away. If it werent for that little section at the top were it really lost some steam, this ride would have been unreal. I have to settle with what it showed me, but what it showed me was something very very good. I didnt feel my head pounding like I do with The Chiller after getting off, but it definating was a fun and intense launch coaster. Premier really did well with this ride.
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