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 Review of Jokers Jinx, The @ Six Flags America
0 Rating Posted by: coasterf42 on 10/18/2005 6:17:00 PM

2007 update
A very fun ride with lame middle sandwiched between a great beginning and ending. The launch is not the best, as I find it not quite as good as Flight of Fear’s. The first couple of inversions are taken at a high speed in a compact area, which causes lots of intensity and upper body movement. Unlike on other steel loopers, your body is pretty much free to move because of Premier Ride’s updated trains, which feature lap bars. The first part of the ride also gives great visuals as you weave through the mess neon track, which seems to be all over the place. After the first three inversions, the ride reaches its highest point, and slows down considerably. At least there are no block brakes like on the aforementioned Flight of Fear, but the middle of the ride is really just pointless. Fortunately, the ride picks up a whole lot of speed as it navigates a few short, banked drops. This leads to an insane high-speed ground-level turn and final corkscrew. So, Jokers Jinx is a fun ride with a good beginning and end, smooth tracking, and great upper-body freedom. Also, the trains for whatever reason seem a bit roomier than Flight of Fear’s. A direct comparison to the 1996 version of the Premier Spaghetti Bowl is a hard one, because Jokers Jinx is a ride that thrives on visuals, while Flight of Fear is designed to eliminate them. Flight of Fear is themed better, but I have to give Six Flags the thumbs up for at least trying. The huge Joker statue coming out of the building looks funny to say the least, and the back wall of the station has some themeing to it. Also, the cars look nice (themed to cars), and there are many funhouse mirrors to pass the time while stuck in line. Anyway, FOF has a better theme, and a little better launch, while Jokers Jinx has a better second half and visuals. Take your pick, they are both fun, underrated steel coasters.
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