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 Review of Raging Wolf Bobs @ Geauga Lake
1 Rating Posted by: CoastrGlxy on 10/11/2005 12:58:00 PM
Im glad I visited Geauga Lake when I did, especially for the reborn Raging Wolf Bobs. I could tell it had been recently retracked and it was a lot smoother than it looked like it was going to be. With an aging, chipped paint appearance and the fact that the station was open but waiting for riders (it was a dreary Sunday in Oct.) I was expecting the worst. My wife and I were the only riders on the train and I spent the first ride waiting for the roughness to begin. Aside from one shaky turn (the 2nd one) RWB was surprisingly smooth and fun. Im not sure why everyone complains about these trains. Ill admit Im not the most knowledgeable about wooden coasters as Im more of a steel coaster fan, but the cars worked fine for us. The initial drop feels very short, but its enough to give this coaster speed to run its long triple out and back circuit. Its a pretty long ride with an interesting layout and only one rough spot, that isnt painful, the train just seemed to struggle a bit during a turn. My wife, who complains about being beat up by wooden coasters, loved this one. If you havent ridden RWB in years, it deserves a re-ride. More old wooden punishers should be retracked like this one. Its a great family wooden coaster and among my Top 10 woodies. Final Rating - 7.5 (Good-Approaching Great)
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