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 Review of Roar @ Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
0 Rating Posted by: biosciking on 9/28/2005 12:43:00 AM
Roar is a perfect example of a GCI wooden coaster. I dont know if there was a section of straight track anywhere to be found. Rather, it was all beautifully flowing curves and hills, one right after another. The duration is quite long as well. Dare I venture out on a limb and say that I felt this ride was actually more intense than Ghostrider at Knotts and even (here it goes) Psyclone at Magic Mountain? Roar was brand new to me unlike those other two, which Ive ridden countless times, so I really wasnt able to prepare for any of the manuevers. That was probably the reason for the intensity encountered. I also think the restraints played a part, as they were not the most comfortable things in the world. Regardless, these are really not complaints, because, as Ive said before, I expect (and even look forward to) roughness and intensity from wooden coasters. It was just somewhat of a surprise to me because I can remember the one or two other GCIs that I have ridden to be exceptionally smooth. Nonetheless, Roar was still a great coaster experience.
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