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 Review of Boat Chute @ Lake Winnepesaukah Amusement Park
1 Rating Posted by: BobFunland on 9/4/2005 10:58:00 PM
Boat Chute was much cooler than I had ever imagined. The rustic adventure that is the Boat Chute featured some unexpected characteristics. First off, I knew about the tunnel, but did not know how long it was. I think my mom was right (and Big John alluded to it below) in that the park owner must have had a sick mind when he built it -- this tunnel could not only be used for kissing back when it wasnt appropriate in public, but there could very well be 77 year olds out ther who were concieved in that tunnel. It is that long, and that dark. The mystery surrounding it makes it great: you do no know what is going to happen. It is pitch black back there with only a few cracks in certain places. The boats bang the metal walls and its somewhat spooky. A haunted legend really needs to be started to add to the rides history and aura. Once you do finally "see the light", you get to see the saw mill. The climb up the lift is long, slow and creaky and once at the top you get a moment to ask youself "are we going to die on this thing?" before you plunge down directly into the lake. The splash isnt what gets you wet, its the wooden running boards that you bounce between that soak you with the reflexes of thw waves. Overall, a great pre-drop segment with so much going on with so little, and a good drop which gets you wetter than many shoot-the-chutes rides adds up to a great ride.. up there with the best of the water rides.
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