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 Review of Tomb Raider: The Ride @ Canadas Wonderland
0 Rating Posted by: spoon on 8/31/2005 10:39:00 PM
It looks kind of like a wild mouse except its a flying coaster. The load times are terribly slow, the restraints are uncomfortable, its rough, it hurts, the colours are terrible, it has nothing to do with Tomb Raider and is not even painted to remotely resemble a Tomb Raider theme, the layout is horrible, I lost my gum while riding it, and did I mention its uncomfortable and it hurts? Theres absolutely nothing good to say about this ride.

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weaver23 on 8/24/2006 8:17:28 AM said:
wow your pretty lucky to keep your gum in on any ride why did u think this one was gonna be any different also did ya ever think maybe instead of your gum falling out it goes the other way back in and you choke on it?? I dont think it was the coasters fault
weaver23 on 4/10/2007 5:30:22 PM said:
Also...the colors exactly match the theming of laura croft/tomb raider
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