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 Review of Kingda Ka @ Six Flags Great Adventure
1 Rating Posted by: adriahna on 8/24/2005 11:51:00 AM
One word... Power. No other ride experience can prepare you for the sensation of Kingda Kas launch - the first ride is something out of a dream, and subsequent rides are the stuff of pure adrenaline. I first rode Ka in the daylight, and, even with plenty of coasters under my belt, the launch defied all expectations, and was almost overwhelming. On top of the initial thrust, there is a moment of further acceleration along the runway that pushes you further - its almost indescribable, and you cant mistake it. You cant really scream, you cant really breathe, youre just sort of in limbo - it just defies words. Then you head up the tower, and regain your breath... the adrenaline really kicks in, and you find yourself rebel-yelling like a madman. Over the hill, and you come to realize just how darned high up you really are, and it seems like an eternity before you reach the spiral. Which, by the way, is a joy unto itself, clean and smooth. Down again into the dip and bunny hill, a great finale. The second ride: Later, in the darkness of night, I rode again, and with the intent of grasping onto the power of the launch. Doing so transformed the ride experience, and turned the borderline terror of the first ride into sheer, pumped, devil-take-the-hindmost THRILL. Well worth a second ride - if you dont mind the wait - as others before me have said, Ka is almost too much to take in on the first run - on the second, youll really come to acknowledge its capabilities, and fall in love with it. Finally, in my humble opinion, this is not what I would call a coaster in the traditional sense. Its a thrill machine, pure and simple. None of the standard aspects characteristic of coasters - thoughtful layout, multiple elements, extensive trackage, you get the idea. No, this is a full-throttle dynamo designed with one purpose in mind - to thrill you as deeply as possible, and do it quickly. And my God, does it ever deliver. For a down-to-the-bone, no kidding around, you aint whistling Dixie rush, you cant get much better than this.

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hrrytraver on 8/24/2005 12:05:55 PM said:
nice job, adriahna. this is one of the shortest coaster rides ever made, yet it inspires some of the longest reviews.
adriahna on 8/24/2005 12:09:57 PM said:
It is, by definition, a truly powerful experience, to say the least...
NJCroMag on 8/24/2005 12:12:15 PM said:
"On top of the initial thrust, there is a moment of further acceleration along the runway that pushes you further - its almost indescribable, and you cant mistake it." Im glad you mentioned this, because I forgot to do so in my review. Great review. Im glad you loved it.
kowrip on 8/24/2005 12:49:07 PM said:
Adriahna, great review. Now tell me THIS .... werent those OTSRs (shoulder restraints for the non-coaster enthusiast) the best ones youve ever experienced ? I dont think they took away from the ride experience AT ALL. Youre definitely right about the launch. Its amazing.
adriahna on 8/24/2005 1:28:17 PM said:
The OTSRs didnt bug me at all - if anything, it was actually nice to have them there - they gave me several options for something to grab on to! Probably the only time Ive ever wanted something to grab on to, as well... this thing is a demon unleashed. As a final note, the OTSRs didnt even touch my body, really - they are about as unobtrusive as they come.
Hercules on 8/24/2005 1:31:49 PM said:
Very nice review. I think you summed up the overall thrill of the ride beautifully. I do not have the same love for it as you do, but it is really very thrilling and something, like you said, that must be experienced more than once to really understand what it does.
Scott on 6/22/2007 12:54:04 AM said:
Can someone get comment #7 deleted?
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