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 Review of Top Thrill Dragster @ Cedar Point
3 Rating Posted by: psu_dude on 8/23/2005 6:12:00 PM
I finally got back out to Cedar Point, with one sole purpose in mind - to ride this behemoth of a coaster! I know that some people dont hold TTD in the highest regard, particularly because of its length, but for me this ride hits the mark dead on. And I think its really cool that different folks have differing views on this coaster....I was wondering myself where Id fall in the mix of reviewers. From the ground, this thing is jaw-dropping. Standing at the base of the tower and looking up really gives you a look at how high this monster is!!

The ride sensations themselves are almost indescribable! The launch is unreal and increibly powerful. Then comes the vertical/turning climb up to 420 ridiculous feet, where you pause just long enough to let out a big "wahooooo!" or simply wet yourself once you realize how high you are. Looking down on a 310-foot coaster is just amazing. Theres even some airtime (not always, but most times) as you crest the summit. The spiraling freefall that ensues is the sickest drop I have ever experienced, period!! Then you fly across the finish line and the train erupts in cheers! Fantastic!

To those who disagree and say the ride is too short and not complete, well, I respect that viewpoint and realize that the ride is not everyones cup o joe. However, I am of the belief that this coaster IS complete. The short length of the ride fits in perfectly with the theme of a drag race. And the whole Dragster midway and theming is wonderful! Anytime you go by the area, people are in the bleachers or standing by looking in awe or saying "There is no way in h@#% I would ever do that!" So, to me, the atmosphere that TTD produces completes the package. Just my opinion, but regardless, this coaster is something every thrill seeker should experience at least once. For me, for now, this is the top of the heap for roller coasters I have ridden!!

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Timberman on 8/23/2005 7:57:05 PM said:
A great review for a ride that rarely leaves people unmoved in one direction or another. Im not one of TTDs biggest fans, especially as compared to other roller coasters, but it always quickens my pulse at the beginning and leaves me grinning like a fool at the end.
hrrytraver on 8/24/2005 9:06:52 AM said:
psudude- i havent been on dragster or kingda ka...yet. but you bring up a good point. why bother to say that the course is too short or incomplete? that would be like saying that everytime someone shoots up smack that they should follow it with a beer and a cup of coffee. the smack should be more than enough to get you high. i think there is something sublime about being able to do such an outrageous and intense but brief manuever and than being able to sit back and enjoy the endorphins.
obi1sgirl on 8/24/2005 1:16:20 PM said:
Haha, thats a nice analogy, hrrytraver. LOL Great review! (And a great coaster )
shag9004 on 2/12/2008 4:50:49 PM said:
I hate to bring up this old review from the dregs of AUgust 2005 but that smack/beer analogy is greatly appreciated by this high school Lit teacher.....wonder if I can work that into a lesson plan?
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